Meet Ronnie









Evergreen has proudly served Ronnie since 1993. Before coming to Evergreen, Ronnie lived at a nursing home. As a relatively young man at the time, a nursing home was not an ideal fit. Sadly, many young individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are placed in nursing homes or other institutional settings when their families no longer can or want to care for them.

Residents of nursing homes with intellectual or developmental disabilities oftentimes have no privacy or personal space, must live with people they have not chosen and may not like, and cannot pursue personal interests or relationships.

Ronnie has cerebral palsy. He requires staff assistance for everything, from dressing to bathing to feeding. Despite his severe limitations, Evergreen staff helped Ronnie uncover an ability he never would have discovered in a nursing home – painting. Ronnie is an artist.

Several years ago the Evergreen Day Center that Ronnie goes to Monday – Friday opened an art program. Even though he can’t use his hands, Evergreen staff did not want to leave Ronnie out of art classes. With some googling and a little creativity, Evergreen staff fashioned a paint brush that could be strapped to Ronnie’s head.

They gave Ronnie a blank canvas and a tray of colors. He was hooked.


Ronnie has since painted dozens of beautiful canvases. His paintings are for sale at our Dallas Cultural Arts and Day Center and in our online store.  Every time someone purchases one of his paintings, Ronnie receives half of the money. Painting has not only provided Ronnie with a way to earn money; it has given him confidence. He beams with pride whenever someone asks him about his work.

Evergreen believes that everyone—even those people with multiple and profound disabilities, like Ronnie—can live in the community with the right support. Evidence shows that quality community services work, and lead to higher levels of personal satisfaction and social inclusion.

Your support gives individuals like Ronnie a chance. A chance to live as normal of a life as possible in the community, not walled away in an institution. A chance to earn money. And a chance to find something that he or she is really good at.